Clean Impact Rankings

The What

The Clean Impact Rankings assess investment vehicles on projected positive carbon impact. The results provide forward-looking snapshots for investors seeking ventures with a tilt towards climate solutions.

Our first assessment ranks low carbon mutual funds on the 10-year carbon savings forecast of their investments in pure play renewable energy and cleantech companies.*

We looked at nearly 90 Morningstar® Medalists with the Morningstar Low Carbon Designation™ across six diversified equity categories.

Canetic Advisors established the Clean Impact Rankings and provided the underlying research and analysis including aggregated insights from cleantech and renewable energy insiders and experts. 

The Why

Funds were ranked using an asset-weighted Carbon Abatement ROI score of the equity holdings in the fund from September 30, 2017 through September 30, 2018. Each fund was assigned a quarterly score that was then averaged.



Clean Impact Rankings: Low Carbon Mutual Funds

Rank Fund Symbol Mutual Fund Fund Type Morning Star Rating Carbon Abatement ROI**
1. ANEFX American Funds New Economy A Large Growth Bronze 26.6
2. VHCOX Vanguard Capital Opportunity Inv World Large Stock Gold 14.8
3. ANWPX American Funds New Perspective A World Large Stock Gold 12.1
4. POGRX PRIMECAP Odyssey Growth Large Blend Gold 11.8
5. FDGRX Fidelity® Growth Company Large Growth Silver 2.9

*These companies are key to meeting a 1.5 scenario, however we acknowledge that they are not the only players in climate solutions.
**The Carbon Abatement ROI score is an average of the fund’s quarterly Carbon Abatement ROI from September 30, 2017-September 30, 2018.



The Carbon Abatement ROI is Based On:

The firm’s carbon savings contribution determined by its position in the value chain

The ability of the firm to deliver carbon abatement


CO2 savings values from Canetic’s worldwide proprietary database of emissions factors



Clean Impact Rankings

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